As someone who’s worked on MNO and other tpt related websites for two years, this past weekend’s Overnight Website Challenge hosted by the Nerdery was something I’ve wanted to participate in since first hearing about it. My name is Jessi and I keep MNO’s website online and updated. Coming from a non-profit that has a dedicated web department, it’s easy for me to take what we have at tpt for granted. This was a great way for me (and indirectly, tpt) to give back to non-profits who aren’t as fortunate to have dedicated web teams.

The challenge, now in its 5th year, brings together non-profits who have not-so-hot websites and web pros who donate 24 hours of their time, pro bono. At the end of the challenge web pros deliver shiny, new websites with features non-profits only dream about. One of the deserving non-profits was Youth Performance Company! MNO featured YPC back in April, 2011 and I, along with nine other teammates including another tpt-er, took their website to the next level.

Our team approached the challenge with clear goals for the site. First, we moved them off of their current content management system and initiated them into the world of WordPress. Then we gave them the ability to collect data from their site as well as an easy tool for event management. Something YPC needed since they offer numerous classes, auditions, rehearsal schedules, events and productions. And of course, we gave the site a new coat of paint. They asked for something bold, edgy and fun. I think our tpt web designer came through with a great concept for them!

The staff of YPC were the best to work with. They were organized and ready for a change. They also provided plenty of yummy snacks to keep our blood sugar and energy up and toys to relieve stress. 

I’d like to thank The Nerdery for hosting the event. With all the great non-profits and nerds in the Twin Cities, it only makes sense to put us together in a room for 24 hours all for the greater good. It was a fun, rewarding, and at times, challenging event. (They don’t call it a “Web Challenge” for nothing!)

Youth Performance Company’s new website will be online in the coming weeks.