Actress Sun Mee Chomet is frequently seen in key roles in productions staged by The Guthrie Theater, Penumbra Theatre and other notable Twin Cities theater companies. But while the Asian American actress is readily cast in classical Greek or Shakespearean plays, she’s been challenged by some of the more rigid casting practices of  contemporary works. Seeking to break through this barrier, Chomet turned to playwrighting to create roles for the Asian American community.

Her first play, Asiamnesia, was produced by Mu Performing Arts and voted Best New Script of 2008 by the Minneapolis Star Tribune. Her most recent work, How to Be a Korean Woman, reflects on the search for and discovery of her birth family. Chomet is a Playwrights’ Center 2013-2014 McKnight Theater Artist Fellow and a 2013-2015 Theatre Communications Group Fox Foundation Resident Actor Fellow.

Ten Thousand Things’ A Midsummer Night’s Dream:
Michelle Hensley, Director
Peter Vitale, Music Director and Composer
Nancy Wadoch, Production Manager

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Coach Said Not To
Halloween, Alaska
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Michael Brosilow
Michal Daniel
Rich Ryan
Bo Hakala Cinematography

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Saikong Yang
Rose Le Tran
Stephanie Bertumen
Kurt Kwan
Mayano Ochi
Sandy Augustin
Noah Coon

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