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MN Original has partnered with the Minnesota Humanities Center to create educators' guides for nearly every artist featured on the series.

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Musical Mondays

Musical Mondays – Theater

Vandervaart Thumbnail

Phil Vandervaart – Sign Painter

Noyed Thumbnail

Philip Noyed – Multimedia Artist

Shapiro Thumbnail

Shapiro & Smith – Dance

Shen Thumbnail

Yudong Shen – Asian Brush Painter

Chester Thumbnail

Perci Chester – Sculptor

GearDaddies Thumbnail

Gear Daddies – Musicians

Ericksons Thumbnail

The Ericksons – Musicians

James Thumbnail

Marlon James – Author

Brenner Thumbnail

James Brenner – Sculptor


Christopher Atkins – MAEP Coordinator


Dominick Argento – Librettist